„tx spam“ on mainnet?!

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I guess this question addresses the team and probably in particular @dincho.

Observing the transactions on mainnet we see a lot of it seems automated SpendTx occurring each day and just sending themselves the same amount back.

If the team triggers those transactions I would like to know why?! I think for analysis purposes this should be done „only“ on testnet or is there any specific reason this needs to be done on mainnet?

Already answered here: Someone attacting the network by make the blockchain data big

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ok so yes this is monitoring. but why is it necessary on mainnet?

It’s even more necessary on mainnet than on testnet (as we mine on testnet) :slight_smile:

This is used to monitor the hearth-beat of the network i.e. if transactions get’s included in blocks and how much time/blocks does it take.

is it really necessary to check the heartbeat? from my perspective “the only thing” you can verify by doing that is whether microblocks are being included in keyblocks or not. or do I miss a metric you want to check by performing those transactions? or is that specifically the information you want to have?

for measuring the delay between keyblocks these transactions aren’t really necessary in my opinion

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Not micro-blocks, but transactions. Isn’t this the most critical metric ?

It doesn’t measure inter-block times, but how much blocks/time it takes for a transaction to be included on-chain. This represents the network latency, a high number might imply a busy network or unfair leaders.

In general I don’t understand your concerns, if you see any problem with that please share it so we can evaluate and discuss it.

I already posted my general opinion in the previous (duplicate) thread:

just wanted to understand why you are doing this and your current answer is the first time it was more or less detailed explained from my perspective.


I’m glad we cleared this then, and hopefully it will be useful for other ppl in future, thanks for asking


@dincho does much more than just spamming the network :wink: he is monitoring everything as good as possible and many tools run in the background. Maybe you can also give an insight on what you’re doing there @dincho I think it is very interesting for people to know!