Understanding blockchain the æternity way meet up

Updated tweet correcting date error. :point_down:


First promotional tweet done on Sunday :point_down:


I will be guest at the Blockchain in University of Benin community, one of the biggest community in the university.

Holding on the 25th of this month Saturday at 7pm.

ZOOM MEET :movie_camera:

Due to accessibility and audience which will be uploaded on YouTube for playback.

With an audience of blockchain geeks, business leads, community leads, Developers, designers, writers and lots more.

We will be talking about aeternity blockchain, superhero.com, aeternity products and services, getting started resources and super features of æternity.

Save the date and attend while we build communities around our local superhero community.


Let’s go again :airplane:

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Awesome, hope you have a great one @successoganiru.chain! :raised_hands:

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It was great moment connecting with more community and talking about æternity, I presented æternity with the community which comprised of developers, community leads and blockchain enthusiasts overall not leaving out content creators all blockchain geeks.

We had a session for æternity of 50 minutes together, edited YouTube video of 36 minutes which I gave a general presentation of æternity features, technologies, learning materials and superhero.com.

I taught along side the materials on dacade as a reference for further learning and also the learning materials on aeternity.com

I also gave a tutorial and presentation on superhero.com use cases, features, and real world application to the audience.

Twitter post by me as guest on the event


YouTube video

Twitter post by the lead of the COMMUNITY


Can also reference my Facebook post of the playback event


We look forward to spread the awareness of our super project which I am very proud of more as we go forward. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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Thanks for this update @successoganiru.chain! Could you please tell us how many people participated at the meetup and what were the main questions asked by the audience?

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Okay I spoke to an audience of 21 tho others left and others joined in later.

The meeting was spammed which led to ending the call and was immediately reschedule this also affected numbers but before we ended every one came on the call.

The above affected the normal flow which was an unforseen challenge using zoom call.

There were no questions asked due to this which affected the call, you can reference this on the YouTube video updated, but I took questions immediately after the call on our WhatsApp group and also privately on my inbox.

Which were basically about superhero.com it’s uses and audience reach which I answered extensively.

One of the questions which was really interesting was

" Does superhero have an API we could connect to an already existing website as a form of donation button". Which i answered yes as seen in the ækiti.com website. I also answered for more information the participant could let me know so I connect him with the lead @emmanueljet to see how he could execute this on his website also.


That’s a summary of the above question asked.