University of Abuja

I was at the University of Abuja on 23rd August, 2019 for a meetup and we had 73 students who came to listen to what aeternity is doing and how they can be involved. We students from different department of the school who came for the meetup. We had a good time talking about blockchain and aeternity; we had representative from the student union government who came to listen to participate and to make recommendations to the management of the university.

We discussed about state channel and oracles which to me are the most distinct features of aeternity; also, I introduced them to aeternity’s startup program (Starfleet) and also spoke about aeternity’s universe.

We were able to identify some use cases which some of the developers agreed that they can begin to work on after they are through with their dacade course so they can have an idea of how implement blockchain in the use cases they will eventually work on.

One of the use cases we considered is the school has a capacity of 25,000 students and accommodation is only provided for only 6,000 students. The remaining will have to look for accommodation outside the school because most of the students don’t leave with Abuja so there is no option of coming from home. This is the same situation across the country.

Within the school, there are available houses for renting but you will need to pay real estate agents some fees before they can take you to the available house and after securing a house, you pay them another fee before renting the house. There are a lot of irregularities with the system and they believe this is something they can work on and it can be replicated across the country. This is because it’s a common issue in the country and not just peculiar to Nigeria alone.

This is the link to the video