[Update] ICO troubles - BTC hanging around since 2017

Hi @all!

I participated (or actually I wanted to participate) on ICO in 2017, however, I was too late. Unfortunately I had already sent some BTC to the address given.
In 2017 I found a description on how to get funds back when sending too late on ico address. At that time I tried it several times, but was not able to do it right so I gave up.
Now in times where btc is at 40,000$, I would like to try it again, but can’t find the description of “how to get funds back when sending too late”. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

Btw. I have one BTC address, one ETH address and one private key saved from ICO and I think it was possible to participate with BTC or ETH, but if you wanted to participate with ETH, you had to convert them (?) or anything like that.

how many BTC did u send?

Not that much but its worth trying to get them back

Everyone wants their ICO investment back from ae

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Dear @xtrusion,
can you please sent us some technical details about your transfer to the foundation email [email protected]. AF will be happy to help you.

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Either you have not understood the question or your post does not belong to my question.
Its about funds that were sent too late for ico participation

Hi Lydia,
thx, sent an e-mail on 11th of Feb… Unfortunately without any answer so far so I have just sent it again 5 min ago.
Really much appreciated if you / a team member can help!

Dear @xtrusion,
Sorry for my late reply. I had forwarded your E-Mail to our technical team, but unfortunately we could not find a solution up to now because these persons were not involved in the ICO. If we find a person with solution I will inform you.

Vlad.chain (unsure his last name) helped me out with ICO issues. Otherwise yani, Nikola or marianne

@inowhaveaename.chain Thank you for the information.