[UPDATE] Middleware status

This thread will collect public development updates of AE_MDW - Elixir middleware on a weekly basis.

At the moment, we are a team of 3 people: @danielaivanova.chain, @Arthur and @karol.chain, while @sslavov (from SuperHero team) is helping with frontend work to provide full experience.

AE_MDW is meant to be a go-to tool for everybody wanting to explore history and name system in Aeternity ecosystem.


[WEEK 31]

In this first update, I’ll briefly summarize overall status.

AE_MDW can currently do:

  • querying of history with various filters and options
  • subscribing to changes with filters, to receive notifications over websocket

(For description of endpoints and examples, please consult https://github.com/aeternity/ae_mdw/blob/master/README.md)

There is a lot of other, “invisible” functionality implemented:

  • robustness to network forks
  • providing the illusion of linear history for the client
  • protection to DOS attacks

This week’s focus is mainly in areas related to designing and implementing Naming System support (@karol.chain), start of dockerizing of the whole service (@Arthur) and start of updating legacy middleware front-end to support AE_MDW backend.


if possible it would be nice to have the new swagger / openapi definition as soon as possible :slight_smile:


This one is still the most up to date: https://github.com/aeternity/ae_mdw/blob/master/priv/static/swagger.json

The naming part will be changed once names land the master.

[WEEK 32]

Last week, Artur worked on preparing Docker images of middleware for people who want to host MDW without the need to build them first.

Stanislav was exploring approaches how to adapt legacy MDW front-end with our new backend.

Karol was updating the ways we synchronize names and auction, to speed up syncing and reduce complexity.


[WEEK 33]

Arthur - finalizing docker file, CIs investigation
Daniela - - swagger specs for naming system + refactoring
Stanislav - added pages: transactions for an account, contract, list of contracts
Karol - implemented sync + fork invalidations on new DB design, start of name endpoint refactor

No blockers found.

Next week we expect merging new name system and docker + progress in NS swagger specs, CI and finishing frontend functionality with current endpoints design.


[WEEK 34]

Arthur - docker file perf optimizations, CI investigation + testing various configs
Daniela - fixing swagger txs issue, fixing performance tests logic + docs, tests for naming system
Karol - merged new name system (currently with disabled invalidations - TODO) + readme about NS
(Note: name system is ready to use, endpoints will keep backwards compatibility.)

No blockers found.

Next week we will finalize name system - invalidation and tests, possibly merge docker config.
More investigation how to approach CI for MDW is needed.

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