[Update No. 2 October] Fire Editor Release: The easy to use Web-IDE for sophia!

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Hi everybody, without any further explanation let me announce to you the first alpha release of the

:fire: Fire Editor :fire: - a straight forward, no-bs contract editor for sophia that’s supposed to get you going fast.

You can find it here (but I recommend to keep reading first ! :wink: ) :

What you need: Absolutely nothing, not even programming skills :tipping_hand_man:. Open the browser, there is a working example contract and prefilled wallets waiting for you. Click the “Deploy” button -> Congratulations, you deployed your first contract! :confetti_ball: Thanks to AEX6 and the ACI Generator you get a nice GUI for your contract generated for you, go call some functions !

The short “Why”: There is no excuse to bother all people with things in their workflow that could be taken care of by the creators of development tools once. This Editor is a take on everything that bothered me and many others with Ethereum over the past three years.

What you get:

Basic Features:

  • currently testnet only
  • Writing contract
  • Compiling Contract
  • Deploying Contract
  • Call functions (Both local and stateful !)
  • Change Accounts and see their balance
  • Deploy and interact with as many contracts at the same time as your computer memory can handle
  • Error reporting
  • Interact with contracts that already exist on chain ! Please read important information about this in this post.
  • new%20sign Setting Values for Transaction Amount, Gas Amount and Gas Price

Cool Features

  • Automatically Generated Graphical User Interface

  • Separate Input fields for every argument of your function (Input data validation coming soon)

  • Funky syntax highlighting (Thanks @milenradkov.chain !)

  • Chose from 4 randomly selected pre-filled accounts (should one have no balance yet, chose another one or reload the site)

  • Warns you if you forgot to implement the init() function and explains you why and how you should do it:

  • new%20sign Set your Value amount in different units

  • new%20sign Register for free to get your very own testnet accounts, filled with 5 AE each !

Very Nice Features

  • Easy Code sharing:
    Want to show your code to someone ? Right-Click -> Share it !

  • Point out issues in code:
    Stuck with an issue and/or want to point someone to some problematic code ? Select code -> Right-Click -> Share it !

You’ll have a link copied to your clipboard that will open up this code and highlight the code you had selected. Just start hacking around where the sharer left off, deploy and test it. No more copy-pasting into github issues, devchats or pastebin.

  • new%20sign Be warned and prevented from accidentally calling a non-payable function when your value is set to non-zero, thereby preventing your transaction from failing:
  • new%20sign Easily switch between your manually set values for Gas Amount and Gas Price, or have the Editor automatically estimate suitable values for you !
  • not unlocked yet :lock:

Damn Awesome features

  • Code generator:
    Have code generated to deploy your contract and call a function of your choice with the parameters you define !

Here is how you do it: Deploy a contract, chose your function and click “Generate”:

What you will see is a code you can copy paste, for now only NodeJS is supported. Please use your own private keys. Which framework / language would you like to see supported next?

What would you like to see included in the editor ?
Please test the :poop:out of it, break it however you can and report issues to https://github.com/nikita-fuchs/fire-editor

The longer “why:” After working for almost three years with the RemixIDE in Ethereum, I am fed up with the zero-to-none progress regarding the demands of people actually using it productively (or at least trying to). Especially in a business environment, people can’t be bothered with tedious hacking, fast iteration cycles are a must. So instead of forcing developers to look up how to do the most basic of things, we should help them bootstrapping their work on building applications on aeternity, because most of the developers’ intentions are actually clear to us - so let us have builders focus only on what we can not do for them.

To Robert Virding’s quote from the last WeAreDevelopers Talk “Complicated is easy, but simple is hard” I would like to add my saying:

“If a 14year old can’t use your product, it’s not finished yet”


Fantastic, thank you for this update!!

Love this editor, looking forward to the next update :slight_smile:

Great job, Nikita! Let’s do a short video introducing this.

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this editor is :fire:
can i make a sugestion ???
i think how to use this editor should be covered on Aeternity 101 on dacade.org
honestly u just made building dapp on the Aeternity platform more phone and friendly


Thank you for the awesome feedback ! With decade it’s in the making ! I’m currently reworking the code generator feature, which I’ve previously just hacked-up at the coffee table during Aeternity Universe in Prague hours before my talk. Let me see if I can put it live today again, the current maintenance work is part of a bigger update.


@moritzfelipe is aware of this editor and i think it will most likely be used for dacade and maintained by @nikitafuchs.chain in the future.


@emin.chain : @moritzfelipe and me are already in on this :sunny:


The communications team likes this :smiley: @nikitafuchs.chain is there a video about your Fire Editor? I thought you prepared one, but I can’t find it. We would like to start promoting this.

fun not phone

great news :fire: :fire:

http://fireeditor.nikitafuchs.de/ is way better than https://testnet.contracts.aepps.com/
it has a friendly interface and way faster than https://testnet.contracts.aepps.com/ which is reallyyyyyy slow :disappointed:
and i really love the fact that it autocompiles your code
i can’t stop thanking you @nikitafuchs.chain


Hahahah I’m glad you like it @Goodness ! There is so much more to come, sit tight!

@vlad.chain I made videos on the native token topic for the community, but didn’t have time to edit them yet - maybe I can tell someone from the communications team what I had in mind (nothing crazy) and they can do it? But there will be videos for the editor very soon, too, give me just some time to implement a little more functions.

There are 2 updates today:

1.The code editor is back in place again ! It looks a little nicer now, the biggest part of the magic is still being worked on under the hood. Soon it will be able to generate code from written documentations, for all the SDKs, using some language processing wizardry :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. There is a new feature now warning you if you forgot to include an init() function into your contract. If you write contract code just to interact with an already existing contract that’s okay (supported soon!), but not for deploying a contract. Now you get a hint on what you did wrong and what to do next:

Alright, this week imma keep it commin: Now you can make the editor interact with contracts that are already existing on chain! You need to have both the correct code (pasted in the editor) and address, and there you go:

Caution: Currently, the SDK does not check whether the address you provided “makes sense” (e.g. is there a contract / the contract you expect?), it does only so if you actually call some function. I Created an issue on this. The check also requires the code having been compiled with the same compiler version I think, but if the issue is being handled the way I suggested this shouldn’t be a big deal anymore.


great work :boom::boom::boom::boom::boom:
Love what u are doing

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Great work @nikitafuchs.chain!

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We can help with editing if it is not something advanced. We can also ask the videographers for some support, they are editing pros. Please let me know when you have all of the videos ready, it would be great to put them all in a YouTube playlist.


You da man Nikita!!!


Can you also produce a few short videos where you explain the usage and the process you go through? I think this would help a lot of beginners/startes with the development of Blockchain applications with aeternity.


It’s part of what I’m planning to do, just ordered the last missing piece :wink: ! hold tight.