Update transaction with custom data

Hi guys. I don’t know if this is possible or doable at all, but I would like to send an update over a channel e.g: transferring 10 tokens but identifying it with some kind of tag regarding the purchase i’m paying. Or, for example, a seller could request an update to sign for a buyer with attached information.

I tried to craft a signing function to pass to the channel.update method where I decode and deserialize the update TX, attach some object fields, and re encode it for the signTransaction method.

Unfortunately, this didnt succeed, failing with "Error: “invalid remainder” exception.

There is any alternative to what I’m trying to do?
Thanks in advance.

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The initial intention had been keeping the off-chain protocol as clean and minimal as possible. There is no mechanics for adding tags to updates and sending unknown messages to the FSM will be treated as a violation of the protocol.

You can use generic messages in order to build your own application specific off-chain protocol.

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