[UPDATE] Week #12 Elixir SDK Introduction

Hello Elixir Devs and everyone else,

I wanted to introduce that work was started on a SDK for the aeternity node written in Elixir. The plan for this is split into two goals, immediate goals to provide elixir developers with a working integration to the aeternity ecosystem. Second high level goal is to provide deep integration with the aeternity node for advanced products, needing core functionalities that exceed those of a usual SDK.

Immediate Goals

  • provide simple auto-generated api wrapper for the aeternity node as basis and interface to support upcoming updates quickly
  • expose crypto functions to generate keys and to sign transactions or verify messages
  • expose utility functions such as encoding and serializations used in the aeternity ecosystem
  • provide an easy to use interface to create aeternity transactions from start to finish, to e.g. interact with oracles and naming system or create and call contracts.

High-level Goals

  • deeply integrate with aeternity node to use internal apis provided in the erlang implementation
  • provide more powerful http api in addition to the erlang aeternity nodes provided one
  • expose state channels state machine to support development of great state channels applications

Within the following weeks we will be able to open up the wip repository with a first usable version.

Let me know if there is any feedback on the functionalities or features you wish for in an elixir sdk!


Great! Thank you. Very interesting update. Can you post the links to the GitHub Repos?

Thanks for your question, I will post a link to the GitHub Repository once we can show the first usable version, in order to avoid confusion in case devs already find this on GitHub and would want to start using a non-working version of it.

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