[Update] Week #16 - Base æpp

Hybrid Voting aepp Integration

This week we primarily focused on building the integration between the Base aepp and the Hybrid Voting aepp.

The current production version of the Base aepp includes our aepps browser, working inside a mobile web browser. We have also been working on the desktop connection between the Base aepp on a mobile device and laptop/desktop browsers.

The requirements for the Hybrid Voting aepp include voting with the Base aepp, with a ledger device, with AirGap Vault, as well as with the ERC 20 æternity token. Since the Ledger Nano S cannot be connected directly to an iOS device, to support voting with it we need the user to be able to open the Voting aepp in a desktop browser and sign the transaction with a Ledger device.

To make the above happen, when the user opens the Voting aepp in a desktop browser, a small part of the Base aepp is included inside it. This “bridge” allows us to sign the transaction with the methods which the Base aepp offers (its own private key, the Ledger device, and AirGap Vault). In the beginning of the week we had the first version of the prototype for this “bridge” working and we have been refining it to pass it to the Voting aepp dev team to test. Additionally, we worked on completing the Ledger integration as well as the AirGap Vault integration (needed to sign inside the Voting aepp with these methods).

Next Week

Our order of priorities for next week are:

  1. To polish signing of votes on desktop with the keys from the Base aepp (which always stay on the user’s mobile device).
  2. To complete the implementation of signing of votes (on desktop) with the Ledger device.
  3. To complete the implementation of signing of votes on desktop using AirGap Vault (using the same device or a separate device)

Parallel Goals

In parallel with the work above we have been working on the epics related to releasing the Base aepp for external testing (via a URL) as native/hybrid iOS and Android aepps. The implementation work and bug fixes related to this are now taken care off. Once we have all the meta information and graphics required by the the app stores we will submit the native/hybrid aepps to the App Store and Android Play for review (which is a prerequisite to external testing via a URL).

To see the details (SCRUM epics and issues) related to the work above have a look at our Waffle board.