[Update] Week #18 - Aexpansion Updates & Discussion summary

[Week #18] Aexpansions

Over the last couple of weeks we saw two new aexpansion proposals.

In addition to new aexpansions there is an active discussion around AEX-2 and @shekhar-shubhendu plans to address:

  • As mentioned by many, encryption should not be part of the document.
    Transport layer should also not be part of the document.
  • As above two, same goes for transaction/message serialization and deserialization and it should have its own proposal.
  • Finally, AEX should only specify the protocol messages and messages should use the who - what - how rule for naming convention as described by the state channel doc here

Join the discussion here!

About AEX-4 there is currently a discussion to extend the actual proposal in order to allow more universal blockchain interactions with different transaction types.

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