[Update] Week #20 - Base æpp

[Update] Week #20 - Base æpp Update

During weeks 19 and 20 we worked on the following goals and features.

New Release Format/Cycle

We introduced a continuous release cycle-- every 2 weeks. High level, the format includes:

  • beginning of sprint: planning the features to be included in the next release and adding them to a release report in ZenHub.
  • middle of sprint: the goal is to have at least one full week to work on features included in the upcoming release.
  • friday before release: we freeze the features for the upcoming release.
  • monday before sprint end: we refine the features and prepare the release. we prepare the release notes.
  • tuesday before sprint end: we make the web release and follow it up with the ios + android releases.

We made release 0.8.2 according to the new format/cycle (except for the release notes, which are still pending): https://github.com/aeternity/aepp-base/releases/tag/v0.8.2

Sprint 39 wrap up

During week #20 we also wrapped up Sprint 39. This release included a number of fixes and improvements which were awaiting the dev team’s attention while we were working on the Voting æpp integration (which included the Ledger integration, the Desktop connection updates, and AirGap integration). You can see the full list of issues that we worked on here: https://github.com/aeternity/aepp-base/milestone/8?closed=1

One important feature which we refined during Sprint 39 was the connection indicator. The Base æpp now displays a message above the navigation bar when:

  • the user does not have an internet connection
  • they are connected to a testnet
  • they cannot connect to the node they have selected or entered (as a custom node)

Another important update was that we switched URLs from using /#/ prefix to using the History API across all of our environments.

Native Base æpp builds move from internal to external testing in iOS and Android

The native Base æpp builds were approved for external testing on iOS and Android. We collected user feedback via the forum, Telegram and in person. We incorporated some of this feedback and we are almost ready to submit for public release.

AEXs input

We reviewed the AEXs input and provided our input during the last 2 AEX group/update calls (which happen every Monday).