[Update] Week #20 - Waellet - browser wallet extension


Last week the development efforts on the browser extension were mostly focused on fixing bugs and UI improvements. The changes were introduced in the 0.0.2 beta release.

Version 0.0.2 beta was released into the Chrome Web Extension Store! and it is now accessible for all chromium based browsers.


  • remove target node webpack
  • update sdk version to 3.2.1
  • use the keystore from the sdk instead
  • current network indicator
  • different views navigation fixes

Any feedback is highly appreciated.


Few photos:



A new waellet version that supports fortuna update was rolled out today, but it will take some time for the chrome store to approve the new release. So if somebody is experiencing non-working waellet - you can download v0.0.3 release and load it to your browser yourself.

The updated version should be automatically propagated to your browser after chrome approve the new release. I will keep you updated.


Hello, good morning … I would like to comment, in the midst of these updates and motivated to the growth of the platform, it would be very much asking the developers to incorporate at least 3 languages ​​in the application of the wallet for a better empathy with the users of another hemisphere as for example, Latin America.


Hola buenas dias… Quisiera comentar, en medio de esas actualizaciones y motivado al crecimiento de la plataforma, seria mucho pedirle a los desarrloladores que incorporen minimo 3 idiomas en la aplicacion del wallet para una mejor empatía con los usuarios de otro hemisferio como por ejemplo latinoamerica.

Other languages are considered in the waellet extension and it is being prepared for this. We prioritize putting all the strings used in the UI of the waellet in this configuration file, where everyone is welcome to contribute towards the translation for any language they want.

Issue is addressed and its status can be tracked here: https://github.com/waellet/waellet/issues/65

Thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:


My dear friend “r0b0t0” first of all I want to thank you for considering answering my comment, I know that the world of DLT technology is very, very exciting, the topic of development and programming is very broad, I even dare to say that it is still unknown what the human being can develop with programming; but we must offer that charismatic touch to the community that still does not know about PROGRAMMING and DEVELOPMENT, for that reason I focus on presenting a Wallet as if it were for “DUMMIES” so that it can be used by anyone and with an interface attractive to encourage the cryptonaut. I understand from what you share that the CODE for such a change already exists and that it can be executed, THANK YOU again, but we must incorporate it soon.
Greetings and I remain attentive to your comments. :sunglasses::+1:


Mi estimado amigo r0b0t0 primero que todo deseo darte las gracias por considerar responder mi comentario, se y entiendo que el mundo de la tecnología DLT es muy pero muy apasionante, el tema del desarrollo y programación es muy amplio, inclusive me atrevo a decir que aun se desconoce lo que el ser humano puede desarrollar con la programación; pero nosotros debemos ofrecerle ese toque carismático a la comunidad que aun no conoce sobre PROGRAMACIÓN y DESARROLLO, por tal motivo me enfoco a la presentación de un Wallet como si fuera para “DUMMIES” de manera que pueda ser utilizada por cualquier persona y con una interfaz atractiva para incentivar al criptonauta. Entiendo por lo que me compartes que ya existe el CÓDIGO para tal cambio y que se puede ejecutar, GRACIAS nuevamente, pero debemos incorporarlo pronto.
Saludos y quedo atento a tus comentarios. :sunglasses::+1:

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Thank you! Keep following the updates - we will share when this is implemented and ready to use.

This kind of feedback is always highly appreciated - if you have anything other to add as suggestion for UI improvement of functionalities please feel free to do so :slight_smile:

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The updated 0.0.3 version is now available on the chrome store.

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