[Update] Week #22 - Waellet - browser wallet extension


A new 0.0.3 beta release was announced still pending in the webstore (can be downloaded from github releases) which includes some bugfixes and support for the fortuna upgrade.

Whatsapp waellet

We started working on integration with whatsapp so that users will be able to generate wallet and send AE tokens to their contacts with only knowing their mobile number. A working implementation is already available. Since whatsapp do not provide open api for developers we’ve implemented this using 2 different approaches, and we’ll next evaluate which will be best to proceed with and announce it so everyone interested can try using it.

Whats next

We’ve planned a lot of UI improvements for the next sprint also we will try to finish, test and introduce the tipping functionality in the next release.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

can you give a bit more details about the whatsapp waellet? my assumption is that these wallets will be handled by a central authority similar to the telegram tipping bot or is it somehow possible to manage this in a decentralized manner?

Yes, unfortunately currently it is working much like the telegram tipping bot which is handled in a centralized way running on a rented VPS.

This is why we still haven’t yet announced and released the initial version as we are experimenting on decentralizing it using IPFS.

This integration brings another problem - using whatsapp services requires you to bind a mobile number to the service/bot itself so then again we end up using a central authority and a central point of failure.

If you have any suggestions for both of the issues we will be more than happy if you provide feedback and/or explanation of a way you think this could work differently :slight_smile:

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I think if it is somehow possible to directly own the private key that would be the best solution. Unfortunately there would always be an additional step necessary to confirm the transaction. At least I cannot think of another way right now :confused:

I for example thought about creating a multichain-(telegram)-bot powered by ArkaneNetwork (they will soon also support æternity). They provide a custodial wallet with optional recovery (enabled by default) which allows the user to enable access to certain wallets only for specific applications. And each transaction must be confirmed by providing a PIN-code.

Problems with that approach would be:

  • onboarding is only possible via email on Arkane so the service in between would need to know the email of all bot-users
  • the bot(-application) would need to request access for the users-wallets
  • the bot would need to provide a link for each transaction that would be needed to open and confirmed by the user by typing in the PIN

I will check this out, sounds interesting.

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