# [Update] Week #26 - Base æpp Update

During weeks 25 and 26 we worked on and released version 0.8.6 of the Base æpp, which is currently in public/external testing in iOS and Android. Below are the release notes for this release, followed by an update on some of the aexpansions work we are doing, which relates to the Base æpp as well as other wallets.

v0.8.6 Release Notes


  • Added AirGap integration for same device
  • Made password optional and moved it to Settings
  • Added a notification for users who have not backed up their recovery phrase
  • Added a persistent warning icon for users who have not backed up their recovery phrase to nav bar and Settings view
  • Added Max button to Send > Amount view
  • Added Balance display to Send > Amount view
  • Added paste from clipboard button in Send > Address view
  • Added display of checkmark icon upon successful address share
  • Added notification upon successful revoking of a remote connection
  • Added a button for creating a new ledger account in Desktop version

Code Refactoring

  • Changed node selection to be evoked on tap (instead of contextual menu) when tapping on a node in the Settings view
  • Extracted routes into separate chunks
  • Made loading indicator transparent
  • Implemented consistent use of the Share API
  • Refactored Logged in check
  • Removed source maps from inclusion from Cordova bundle


  • Updated README.md file to reflect current deployment process
  • Updated Page Not Found view
  • Updated SDK to 4.1.0
  • Updated input error state design
  • Updated card shown inside modal upon successful account creation
  • Updated status/buttons in input fields to display on two lines when all elements don’t fit in a single line

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed filtering/rendering of transactions in Transaction History view
  • Updated Desktop version to not have to be refreshed to connect Ledger after denying its connection

Aexpansions Efforts

æpp Manifests

We are working on an aexpansion which will propose a meta data format for æpps listed inside wallets, æpps browsers, decentralized æpps stores, and anywhere else where æpps might be listed. The aexpansion will include proposed fields to be part and take on a manifest format.

Next steps are to prepare the draft for input and gather feedback from all concerned parties.


The Base æpp as well as AirGap use identicons to uniquely identify accounts. We are researching the best identicon format to recommend to wallets displaying æternity accounts and also considering other alternatives for uniquely displaying accounts.