[Update] Week #32 - Base æpp Update

During weeks 31 and 32 we worked on v0.8.10 and v0.8.11 of the Base æpp. Here are the release notes:



  • Internationalization: Go to Settings > Language to see the Base æpp in Chinese or Russian
  • Display currency: Select BTC, Euro, or USD as an additional display in Settings > Display Currency


  • Updated the language for the Update Available notification
  • Updated onboarding background color



  • Compatibility with Middleware restored
  • Android Cordova: Restored access to exchange rates API

@Drugzbymail made a nice video showcasing how to send Fiat/BTC equivalent of AE tokens using the Base æpp:

Thank you, Josh :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I seem to have found a bug? Equivalent BTC it doesn’t show?

When both display currencies are crypto the base aepp only displays the value for the one on the right. We cannot fit both in the interface when they have more than 5 decimals or so (depending on the device screen size).

So this is by design, not a bug. :slight_smile:

We prefer to show the exact value for one of them than to round (when possible).

ho~I see

It seems to say too little it does not let me reply, then add it!

While this feature is great, I think it will cause unnecessary trouble without more hints. I want to send 50AE? But I sent it for $50 because I didn’t know what it did

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I changed this account, and it is more in line with my habits.If you have any news, you can @me.I’m going to stop using the original lfh2msn

I see your point. I will discuss with the team how we can make it more clear which currency the amount is in. I will post here when we have an update.