[Update] Week #33 - Base æpp Update

During week #33 we worked on v0.9.0 of the Base æpp. The release notes are below:

Code Refactoring

  • Refactored Send > Max Amount functionality
  • Removed domain restriction in Android


  • Updated æpps Tab layout
  • Updated SDK to 4.4.0

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed QR code reader in Firefox
  • Fixed fetching of AppManifest
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I have mobile device Huawei Y3 with android 6.0
Before last update I created my Base eapp wallet on this device.
Then I migrated my AE
Now my Base eapp wallet did not work.
New setup could not help.
Base aepp gives only wight screen

Can you help me?

Are you using the native app from the app store or the progressive webapp at base.aepps.com ?

We have a fix for this. It will be rolled out in the next days. It’s currently being rolled out for Play Market Beta testers.

I will post here when it’s available to everyone.

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I use from Play Market android 0.11.0
can I create webapp by using my seed from mobile wallet ?

You can download 0.12.0 in Android now.

You can export the recovery phrase from Android and import it in the webapp version.