[Update] Week #35 - Waellet

Here’s what we’ve been working on lately:

We’ve been working mostly on stabilising the current features, covering with tests and polishing out features. A lot of bugs were found and fixed as well as some code and features reorganization and refactoring.

We also worked on security related features while improving the UI and overall UX.

And a new release v0.1.1 is out today for both chrome and firefox.


  • Bugfixes
  • Fungible tokens interaction improvements
  • Allowances page updates
  • Menu reorganization
  • Separated build procedures
  • Security improvements on hdwallet
  • Chrome permissions set update
  • Sign/Verify message
  • Added Terms and Conditions
  • Added Privacy Policy
  • Multilanguage support improvements

Breaking Changes

  • none

Notes and known Issues

  • Not all possible cases are covered with warnings and alerts
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