[Update] Week #41 - waellet


In the last week #41 our work has been mostly focused on features related to fungible tokens in waellet.

We’ve implemented a new TokenRegistry contract as well for having a registry for easier lookup for all the available tokens on aeternity, which can be used by every wallet or aepp developer - Token Registry wiki

We’ve also been working on the feedback provieded by users lately - mostly UI fixes such as overlapping buttons, some functions not working as intended or some breaks.

There are no breaking changes in the current release 0.2.2, and the changes are released and up-to date in:

  • chrome store
  • firefox addon store


  • Added Mint/Burn section for Fungible tokens
  • Added notifications
  • Fixes unsupported node version 5.0.0-rc4 (#159)
  • Language names written in full (#145)
  • UI fixes (#157)
  • Add deployed token to Token Registry (#153)
  • Ask user to add token in the registry (#154)
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The token functionality is a great update and will create lots of fun. Now the base aepp has to follow @stoyan.chain to receive and send tokens! :slight_smile:

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We will turn our attention to this after we roll out AENS bidding, deep linking, and signing smart contracts w. Ledger. :slight_smile:

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