[Update] Week #42 - AirGap

In week #42, the AirGap/Papers team has been working on the following tasks.

AirGap Wallet

  • New release with small overall performance improvements

AirGap Vault

  • Working on Base Aepp <=> AirGap Vault interaction on Android

  • Working on security improvements for the Ionic 4 update

  • Ionic 4 update testing and debugging of issues experienced by some AE team members

AirGap Coin Library

  • Continued work on serializer that allows messages to be encoded in a more efficient way (eg. for QR codes)

  • Working on making our library more secure by protecting it against insecure dependencies

  • Discussion regarding message signing to support post-lima hardfork token migration


  • AEX Call and feedback for the metadata AEX