[Update] Week #44 - GC, reports, Lumen

Below is a chronological summary of activity during second half of October.

We started with finalizing of work on the garbage collector for account states with implementation of a common test, validating the GC functionality.

A Prototype of Subdomains implementation research paper was published, outlining approach how to emulate hierarchical namespace via reusing of the Merkle-Patricia Tries as storage backend.

A short writeup showing how to abstract over multiple oracle providers via doing queries with a level of indirection provided by name hash was published.

Another report was written about introducing of Name Update functionality to Sophia contract language.

A Final grant report summarizing activity during the summer period can be found here.

Several days were dedicated to testing of Lumen (An alternative BEAM implementation, designed for WebAssembly), studying of the codebase and doing experiments. We are looking for a way to call contracts and potentially running the whole Sophia compiler from a web browser.

Finally, after Lima hardfork, some time was spent on preparing of the PR for merging of the garbage collector.