[Update] Week #47 - AirGap

In week #47, the AirGap/Papers team has been working on the following tasks.

AirGap Wallet

  • Multi Page QR support

  • Use aeternal.io instead of aexplorer

  • Chart improvements

  • Prepare for release

AirGap Vault

  • Multi Page QR support

  • Prepare for release

AirGap Coin Library

  • Serializer improvements

  • Added backwards compatibility to the serializer


AEX-7 officially closed
AEX-129 has been opened (content to follow)



What does Multi Page QR support mean?



The size limit of the data that you can put into a QR has always been a big issue for us, because it prevented us from doing things that required a bit more data or context. With the new version, we will have the option to split up QRs into multiple chunks / pages, and then display them in sequence. I posted a video of it in my last update:

However, this will not change how the copy/paste or deeplink approach works that you currently use in the base aepp. It’s currently also not enabled by default in order to be backwards compatible.

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Thanks for sharing the demo.

In which cases would you use the multi QR code approach?

Basically every time when the QR gets too big, we will split it up.

“Too big” is very difficult to define, because it depends on the phone used (as scanner). IPhones can scan even bigger QRs without any issues usually, but some android phones have problems with bigger ones. We’re still trying to figure out the best parameters, but we’ll probably split them up sooner rather than later, because smaller QRs can easily be read by both platforms.

That’s it from a technical level. From a user perspective, this is mostly relevant when working with contract calls that contain a lot of data (spend txs on aeternity should not be split up by default).

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Makes sense. Thanks for clarifying!

Do you know when aeternal.io will be supported? Currently I’m seeing neither the tx or my tx hash, just a redirect to the aeternal.io homepage.

This should work now in the latest release.

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