Update Week #48 - Aeternal

For the middleware side there have been a few new incremental releases, most importatnly the middleware is now officially know as Aeternal and it is available at

The relevant changes here are:

  • full support for AENS bidding process
  • websockets efficiency has been improved
  • fork detection is more aggressive
  • the documentation has been updated
  • support for decoding of return values from contract calls

The latest release (v0.12.0 - Magazine) introduces some changes that you may want to check out before upgrading, from the release notes:

This release includes a time-consuming migration. This will be run on
startup. If you do not wish to have downtime, you can avoid this by running the migration on its own, by reloading a block (easiest way):
`aeternal -H 1`

This release decodes return values from contract calls. To updated your
database, do something like this:

for i in `psql -t -U middleware -h localhost mainnet -c "select hash from transactions where tx_type='ContractCreateTx' order by block_height asc"`; do echo $i; ./target/release/aeternal -T $i; done

for i in `psql -t -U middleware -h localhost mainnet -c "select t.hash from transactions t join contract_calls cc on t.id=cc.transaction_id where tx_type='ContractCallTx' and result is null order by block_height asc"`; do echo $i; ./target/release/aeternal -T $i; done

Adjusting for your own installation.