[Update] Week #5 - midddleware takeover and translation, GC stability testing

Middleware takeover and translation

Second half of January was focused on finishing of Rust middleware takeover and figuring out how to translate it to Elixir, sitting on future plugin based architecture.
The high-level summary with discussions regarding scope and issues on the way can be found here .

GC final stabilization testing

Another work in this period was intensive stability testing of garbage collector of account states, ensuring it can cope with issue over several days, running non-stop.

The output of this testing is below:

Running from 27.1.2020 - 31.1.2020
Number of garbage collections: 562
Number of generations to keep: 500
Average time of main scanning phase: 98.1 seconds
Average time of writing nodes from cache to disk: 4.5 seconds
Average time of swapping account nodes: 17.65 seconds
Number of hash_not_present_in_db errors: 3
Stability issues (node crashes): 0

The conclusion is that GC is stable for merging.

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I’m looking forward to see the new middleware