[Update] Week #50 - Waellet


This is what we’ve been working on during the week:

  • fixing some small bugs in the contract calls which were reported by weidex
  • Contract calls via Aepp object fixes
    • fixed unexpected result parsing while passing bytes(32) in contract call
  • fixed transaction explorer URLs to aeternal.io
  • Use webcrypto instead argon2
    • improved performance in places where we need to encrypt and decrypt state
    • which is making the extension interaction way more efficient and faster now
  • added updated fungible token interface
  • updated form for tokens deployment with new field intial_supply
  • support 0 decimal fungible token
  • Tipping
    • reworked tip contract (still in PR) we are working on cleaner claiming procedure
  • housekeeping

We also released a new version of the extension, which is currently pending review in the stores.

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