[Update] Week #51 - Waellet


During week 51 we developed a new library for tokens - https://github.com/waellet/aeternity-tokens.

It was integrated in the waellet and this is what we achieved for the rest of the week.


  • Fix problem with saving tokens when deployed
  • Fix problem with adding token to token registry
  • Minor UI fixes in tipping page
  • Call functions to tip for website and claim tips for website
  • Button for showing all tips for an url
  • Show all tips for url
  • Detect public key in the opened web page when tipping and allow claim if public keys match. Some UI improvements of tipping
  • Fix bug in reveal seed phrase. #230
  • Update Translations for all langs #235 & #222
  • Import the new package (aeternity-tokens) for implemented extensions for deployed contracts and UI to it.
  • Fix bug in amount displaying #232

Once the website admin claims the domain by adding a challenge string to the DNS records, they can access the AE tokens through the Wællet. The oracles will be used to read challenge strings and associate tips with domain owners (up to the domain expiration date).

Hello @milenradkov.chain how do a webiste owner get the challenge string to add to the site DNS record?

You can now simply do that by adding your address in the HTML of the URL you are trying to claim tips for. (already answered you in DM)

Thanks, @milenradkov.chain.

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