Updating Governance cloned app

Hey guys, I have the aeternity governance app cloned (own node, compiler, mwd, proxy etc) with aepp on gh-pages (thanks @philipp.chain!!!) it was fully functional on testnet (4.2.1).

Today I started migrating all my infra successfully (node and compiler to 5.0.0.rc.5 and 4.0.0)

I updated both governance-server and governance-aepp SDKs to the last one on development.

My node and compiler are running, backend is up and running but my aepp is giving the following error:

Dry run error, Internal error:

The contracts used where compiled for 4.x node version. (I’m trying to compile and deploy for LIMA on the meantime unsuccessfully).

Any clue will be appreciated .

hello @ae-omar , are you using testnet or mainnet ?

hi @noandrea, I’m using testnet with my own node https://nodo.inmind.space (LIMA)

I see, the issue is this: The contracts used where compiled for 4.x node version.

you need to use the option ‘backend=aevm’ if you want to use contracts compiled with for the node v4.x version; it would be better if you can recompile the contracts, but you may have to make some adjustment (as you have discovered for yourself).

please check here for clarifications

thanks @noandrea , I was on that path but it would be awesome to have a better explanation on where exactly I have to add that option. So far I’m trying to figure it out by reading JS SDK source code :slight_smile:

I think I found it:

aeternity.contract = await aeternity.client.getContractInstance(registryContractSource, {contractAddress: aeternity.contractAddress, opt:{backend:'aevm'}});

where opt:{backend:‘aevm’} does the job


sorry, I didn’t know exactly the syntax how to set it in JS :blush: