Using Superhero on the Smartphone

Hi together,

I was wondering whether and how I can use Superhero on the Mobilephone. Is there any possiblity to create a remote connection to a website? @milenradkov.chain


My suggestion on this would be, using the Beacon SDK of Airgap and upgrade it.

The messaging is decentralized in that so I would trust more heheh


well I am just wondering how I can actually use it and interact with websites and other applications.

If you install the superhero app we have deeplinks and all the signature requests would be relayed to the app if you are browsing on

ok but this means it isn’t be possible to connect remotly to a web-application running on the desktop browser using the mobile app, correct? is it possible that this will be supported in the future?

regarding the deep link and the signature request:

  • I wanted to add a comment to a tip on my smartphone and I got forwarded to the superhero app but I didn’t see any window to confirm/sign a message