Verifying AE address access


I can see migration result with the correct amount, the AE address used for migration is a temporary address, right? and we will have a completely new one using this: ?

I used ledger live and ledger device in order to get the AE address for migration with MEW, now where can I verify that I have access to that AE address? from ledger live? but AE is not available there yet, AE it is at my ledger device, but need to verify I can access to my AE address used for migration, which I didn’t see any password or seeds to store from getting that AE address.

My concern is that I need to make sure I can have access to AE address from ledger, if so how? not with ledger live because it is not available there.

SO MANY different URL very confusing

It seems t me that the place to manage AE is at the link above, those guys at telegram know nothing about guiding users!! they confuse people more!
a pain in the ass.


Hey @usbs!

Please excuse us for the confusion!

I have changed the address of the Base aepp that you should use with the Ledger. It was indeed but that was because that was the final alpha version of the Base aepp when the tutorials were created. You can now use The Ledger addresses you get from both URLs are the same, since they are generated (and stored) by the Ledger Nano S.

So in order to use the Ledger Nano S with aeternity tokens, connect your Ledger device, enter the pin and access the AE app, then go to, connect your Ledger. You will be prompted to confirm an AE token address. That is most probably the address that will have your AE tokens and you will be able to access them there once they are migrated. This is not a temporary address. All your migrated tokens will be there.

You cannot use Ledger Live to access that address. You can only access it through


Thank you for your professional answer!

Admins at Telegram need to be more professional in their answers, they are doing their best I guess, but they need to know more about the project to deliver a better service there.

I am not complaining just giving honest feedback! :slight_smile:


@Nass who is an admin in Telegram is quite knowledgeable. Maybe you spoke to someone who was not really an admin. Nonetheless, I am happy you are now more knowledgeable about the Base aepp <> Ledger integration :slight_smile: