[VIDEO] How to access your non-transferable ERC-20 AE token on aeternity Mainnet (LIMA)

ETH: 0xe82c58c579431b673546b53a86459acaf1de9b93
AE: ak_2a8yitt5vv69aaCKXFgYmz3joyktHiF9ByZVanK57Y9f3FqCpH


This is the only line output to the console

Thanks for your help

@martingrigorov.chain Can you check please?

Tokens from Ethereum account 0xe82c58c579431b673546b53a86459acaf1de9b93 was migrated in transaction th_2KCe554PPAnLGE8ZpQ2w5b3GNySTQ9AUoWz6pyQgPCGL6iXwbs. The tokens were deposited into aeternity account ak_2a8yitt5vv69aaCKXFgYmz3joyktHiF9ByZVanK57Y9f3FqCpH in generation 225218.


Hi. Can u help me?
I have ae an eth adress on Airgap:



I have 12 word phrase from ICO

I have eth adress from ICO:


i copypast my ae adress, in

But i get “ Something went wrong

Migration did not take place. This does not affect your
tokens, you are safe to try again.”

@hanssv.chain can you check please?

Not sure what is magic with my browser :man_shrugging:

No, these tokens are not migrated I’ve only used the migration tool with MetaMask so I can’t advise on the error message.

can u answer? w
hat is the problem?

The message you sing in the MEW web page should be the aeternity account that you want to migrate the tokens to. YOu have put “Hello World” and it can’t work with it.


I have attempted to import my ERC-20 tokens into my new AE wallet.
However, I am still seeing a zero balance and getting the following message if I try the transfer again:
The balance has already been migrated in th_2P1AA3rQugRsXP7VDsVRAzohyyj7G9isPyqTrxszjahPBSLpyF

TX: th_2P1AA3rQugRsXP7VDsVRAzohyyj7G9isPyqTrxszjahPBSLpyF
ADDRESS: ak_2tifgeerEvzTopegyKBp8PdscHWVaP5gED5uh8T4YRQX93PrT5

Any help would be appreciated.
Best regards.

Not sure what you need help with? The tokens are migrated in the transaction you listed, to the account you listed!?

ak_2tifgeerEvzTopegyKBp8PdscHWVaP5gED5uh8T4YRQX93PrT5 has a balance of 3553.2 AE tokens, and there are no transactions involving this account.

Thank you for your help.
There was a delay in the balance showing up in the AE browser wallet.
Looks good now.
Best regards.

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Help me.
Hi I got this message
Something went wrong

Migration did not take place. This does not affect your
tokens, you are safe to try again.”

Myeither 0xa68ac1cda6f191b5c58821b368ce6cd088629ceb

Binence ak_2JbaFZpoaNtWZEvZ7Lt7z9C3SqjuG1QjjV5VjrcKQk19UbCNW6

need assistance here, during migration token balance doesn’t appear on the last, though properly visible in metamask in chrome:
ETH: 0xf98ba4e9c697b61539ee00f982cdfb9f241f4238

That message means (surprise, surprise) that something went wrong during the migration. The most common mistake is that the wrong message is signed on the Ethereum side, you should sign exactly (and only) the aeternity address to which you’d like to migrate your tokens.

You can always check the status of your tokens at the migration status check note that the last part of the URL is your Ethereum address.

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Not entirely obvious what “on the last” is (I am unfortunately not psychic) - you can always check the status of your migration here (Note: the last part of the URL is your Ethereum address).

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Thanks for adjusting the last part of the URL :+1:

How I can mistake here? Web app allows me only to put two addresses: AE address (no brainer) and Ethereum address where the tokens are stored. For Eth I use adress with the tokens (confirmed by etherscan) and sign it with Metamask (I see tokens in Metamask) but then tokens amount doesnt show up in migration app.
Can it be because Ledger Live?

True, with MetaMask there isn’t much that can go wrong. Comparing to the video (the top post in this thread), where does your process deviate?

In step 6, under " Your Ethereum Account" it should say 0xf98ba4e9c697b61539ee00f982cdfb9f241f4238 since that is where you kept your AE ERC-20 tokens. In the next step when you are asked to sign a message - don’t change this message in any way and you should be good to go.

Well, process doesn’t deviate, it just stops at the step 6 during fetching token amount from the Eth Acount. So amount of tokens does not appear and button remains inactive.

If I do the same with my own MetaMask details I get an amount of AE Tokens (I’ve deliberately left a small amount there to be able to test the process) - so indeed something looks wrong. Do you get any error messages or any other indication that something is amiss? Unfortunately I don’t know much about the actual migration pages (I know how the technical solution works) maybe @martingrigorov.chain could help here?

Just to double-check, in step 5 if you instead select MeW and manually enter 0xf98ba4e9c697b61539ee00f982cdfb9f241f4238 do you then get an amount in step 6 (though you can of course not sign…)? I’ve tried this locally and I do get an amount that appears correct for your account.

Even with MEW chrome (Version 83.0.4103.61) didn’t show token amount. But, everything went well in Opera!
Hans thanks a lot for guidance!