[VIDEO] How to access your non-transferable ERC-20 AE token on aeternity Mainnet (LIMA)

I’m one of big AE holder .
Please help me migrate. the migrate site is down
I intend to hold it for long time.
Now I can’t move it


Hey guys, following up here with a bit more detailed info on why Migration contracts don’t work anymore.

I did host a migration website on the servers and try to give users the service and after trying several transactions by aeternity user Boris On telegram (Which helped me test the migration website) I found that after 2 SEP 2019 migration contracts will not be able to transfer and any token send to those contracts will be burnt, So I have to take it down.

Find more detail in the group chat where i have posted the info regarding this. https://t.me/aeternity/235646
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As long as I know this is address of contract and it was working until end of November 2020.
Am I wrong?
however migration website is down and we are still waiting for that to return

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We already tried to perform migration on live website. It didn’t worked because it uses https://etherscan.io/address/0x5CA9a71B1d01849C0a95490Cc00559717fCF0D1d

as contract address and the transfers are now prohibited on this/from this since 2 years already.
By that I meant, ERC20 (from eth chain) to AE (on aeternity chain).

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Thank you for your effort
I think that is old contract address and it was for first phase of migration.
As much as I understood this process is not working with ETH anymore. This is inside AE .

I mean we have addresses in new AE contract . actually ETH addresses with frozen coins . contract knows which ETH address has frozen coins and how much.
So frozen coin can born again in a new AE address.

If you check this topic you can see many people get their coins successfully even in October 2020.

unfortunately me and many others still have frozen coins. and I don’t have enough knowledge to do this on my computer.

If you want to help more please check here

and here

Thank you


Hi there,

Me and 5 friends are also all still holding quite a lot of AE ERC20 tokens which we unfortunately missed to migrate back in the day. It would be amazing if you could revive the migrate.aeternity.com website such that we don’t loose all these tokens. Seems like this still affects quite a lot of people (judging from the Telegram channel).


I am also concerned, for a solution I would be grateful

In the same boat…quite a few thousands locked up here…help from the aeternity team would be great!!!

Me too, I was part of the AE crowdsale and now I cannot migrate anymore…

Migration site is back. See: The migration site is back!

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I followed the steps, wrote couple of emails to support…get 0 help…

now i have AE left in my myethwallet

they show in my airgap wallet, but still in the myetherwallet and i can’t transfer them…


they are here…but still on


i don’t know what i should do…get help from nobody…not even the devs…

so if you have the mainnet tokens on address ak_2KjS4uprAGjfSMjNG9vofAKitQaigvCcKMnodUzAHFS1SehTMn in your airgap wallet it means that the migration was successful and your ERC-20 tokens on ethereum are worthless. they still exist on ethereum but cannot be transfered.

the “real” AE now live on aeternity mainnet.

if you have access to the private key of address ak_2KjS4uprAGjfSMjNG9vofAKitQaigvCcKMnodUzAHFS1SehTMn you should be able to access and transfer your AE on aeternity.

so what exactly is your problem?

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i can’t send the AE anywhere :smiley: out of airgap

pending trancsaction since hours…nothing happens…

so the old AE chill on the other account? nothing happens?

and the stuff on the airgap i can’t move xD?

it you really can’t transfer the coins using airgap this seems to be an issue of the wallet. do you have a backup of your airgap seed?


  • yes, the “old” AE (ERC-20 on Ethereum) are not transferable anymore for a long time now. to be clear here -> instead of complaining you should be happy that the team put lots of efforts into a migration process that still allows old AE ERC-20 token owners to “migrate” to AE mainnet :wink:
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@marco.chain can’t transfer anything since hours out of airgap.
it is like frozen…lol…can’t exchange on airgap…nothing ^^’…just see the AE…that’s it…

the question is whether you have access to your seed in airgap. should be possible to use the same seed within superhero:

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yes i think so ^^’ it is on my mobile

reinstalled vault and the other …thx for help so far btw…

the transactions are still there ^^’ but …nothing happens…

<3 thanks