Vote against BRI here is why


tl;dr: if you vote pro BRI your vote is against your own investment.

VDramaliev recently wrote that AE is well funded

I encourage everyone to vote against BRI if you don’t want this project to die like ZCash did. When you are getting that much money nobody really wanna work. It only will lead to higher salaries of so called “rock star” devs (such people are just snake oil salesman). At some point zcash scammers have been dumping $500,000 a day from their 20% block reward tax, who the hell will even try to work productively if you are getting that much money every minute? ZCash is dead, AE will die too.

They already ripped us off with insane block reward, now they need up to 20% cut from it and nobody is gonna report expenses here. Keep in mind.

Once they are getting block cut they will increase spending of current funds then they will switch to accumulated mining taxes.

Just keep in mind, any ICO firms owners can write ANY amount paycheque to themselves. And that exactly what they will do if you give them an access for long term recurring supply of money.

Instead they must stay with current funds and pump their own AE bags . It’s a game theory here, essential part of pump and dump scam, that’s what whole crypto is. If they will get a cut from block reward they will be happy with any price around current and even lower and any further “governance” result will be predicted as well.


Glad you take a picture what is happening and the consequences it brings.
I am also against of BRI proposed and in my opinion hyperinflation of AE tokens was introduced to legitimize it.
I would reconsider my view at the BRI initiative when it will be designed as DAO governed by token-holders. Now token-holders are fooled as hell.

BRI will be a reward for AE-team for introducing hyperinflation ignoring community.


Look at Dash which is one of the greatest scams, despite all the scam they did and continue their “governance” model is much more solid, they vote for projects, not for abstract development funding. Also take a look at Monero forum funding system where community put money into selected projects. There is no need for general purpose funding where nobody is responsible for spending, when they ran out of money (years after today as they say) they must introduce a model for people to simply pledge money for milestones.

With block reward cut they simply can write any paycheque to themselves or just hire a dozen of escort model and go on vacation to expensive hotels.


Yeah I suspected that insane block reward value was a step one and the second obvious step is the current we are facing - take a huge cut from it. Reward will go down later but the most hefty amount will be already accumulated by this taxation model.


@sammy007 We already responded to all your concerns in Bitcointalk, no need to copy and paste them here.


I am here to express my opinion, to reach potential victims of this “poll”. I want to educate people on obvious outcome of such “governance”.


I want to reach auditory and convince them to vote against. I am not interested in your and your co-criminals team response.


@sammy007 I am sure there are a few idealists in AE-team. There is no point to call all of them criminals :wink: But the most influence come from management. Vitalik Buterin is an idealist and that propagates down to the community and how the project is managed.

I worry how Aeternity is managed and how the managements spoil the project (maybe driven by greed). I feel like they have no right priorities and I still hope it can change.

But what I am sure is that the most honest projects will win. For the benefit of all the crypto-economy and crypto-believers. The other projects will simply fade-out.


You expressed your opinion already and if you continue with the insults, you’ll be banned. Consider yourself warned.


He is a scammer and a front man of criminal group

No honest project will win, there is basically no honest projects. There is only two types of scamcoins: will be pumped or will be milked. AE prefer to milk block reward.


I made screenshots of everything here and I will expose your attempts to shut me up in my crusade to convince people to vote against your personal financial interests and be pro investor’s interest.


There was no insults. “Criminal” is a evaluative opinion.


That is great, keep your crusade going as long as you stop using profanity and insults.


“Criminal” is not a word that can be used to describe the æternity team.


Why? You are trying to rip off a lot of people with fake governance model and take an infinite 20% cut from each block when you already got millions of dollars via ICO. That’s what i call a rip off and if somewhere rip off is happening it’s a crime.


Instead you must introduce and review milestones per sub project and let people pledge money in smart contract. Once community approve each milestone money must be paid.


Everybody, including you is entitled to vote and choose from 0% to 20%. The BRI is just a proposal for now, nobody knows what the outcome will be. Plus, those funds will go to development alone. That could not be called “ripping off”.


Since you have got a huge double digit % “premine” the outcome is obvious, when you will vote for max 20% you are getting a hefty cut even if the rest of participants vote for 1%.


And who will decide what development is necessary? I am sure your offices and leather furniture including business class flights and luxury hotels also counts as development?


Around $250,000,000 via ICO, hefty premine and now you want a hefty cut from each mined block is literally a rip off and just insane and blatant greed. It’s a rip off because it’s also a dump event but nobody cares in your team because you are getting a lifetime supply of shitcoins for free as a bonus.