Wallet AE in aepps not fund

hello i have restart my iMac and in aepps I have my balance to 0,00 and not the same adress, I have recovered with my phrase and is not right, please help me. thls

Hey @ogastuc, are you referring to the Base æpp wallet? Can you try to recover your balance with the Superhero wallet instead?

You can download it here:
Web wallet

hello, I cannot restore my wallet, where can help me in AE ?

Hi @ogastuc, do you have your original wallet address?

My ledger wallet can not show the AE balance, how to solve it.

I need help please

I believe there should be some updates coming soon with Ledger. In any case, do you have the seed phrase? You can use it to import your balance to Superhero wallet.

I have no seed short, in this case how to restore my AE balance with ledger wallet.

Hello, I cannot use the dialog window you sent me. I transferred from the GATE exchange wallet to the AE of LEDGER wallet. When I used the ledger wallet again, I found that the number of AE coins in the account was zero.

@marco.chain do you happen to know how to recover the AE funds from the inaccessible ledger wallet? Or maybe a way to sort it out from within ledger?

@wcx290663846 what’s the account that is missing funds? can you share the account id instead of a screenshot please?

also, if the Æ were stored on your ledger you initialized the ledger with a seed which you stored offline somewhere, right? maybe someone got access to the seed in whatever way. it’s very unlikely that sth. stole the funds directly from your ledger

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