Wallet balance showing 473 AE


Hi, can someone please tell me if the balance shown in my wallet is real. https://explorer.aepps.com/#/account/ak_2cHPcu7v7oMfx3ohPpe9Fi7kLdSaJvRwUgvhKrXspZjDmAt5zi
Yesterday I had 0, now it shows 473 but I cannot find that I mined a block in block explorer generations. Also, every other wallet I opened shows 0, is it a bug?


Good question. I have the other case XD


You mined blocks 1760 and 1993


Where did you find that? I see that ak_2oKZ7FVDFZs2q4Y9LzCAzKHvM5SjZaBhnVbMfdegSakdGnRPRV mined block 1760 and ak_bDwGNU57JrG1KQKNaAa2XvTvezgAXP5KAYuUwZBJroDMDA1PH mined block 1993. So I should have 946 AE in balance when we come to block 2173 (180 blocks needed to validate the miner) ?


As commented elsewhere the Blockexplorer displays the wrong thing… It shows the “miner” field, the reward is sent to the “beneficiary”.


you said your beneficiary address, so I just crawled the blocks