Wallets Video Calls

Hello Everyone,

We began hosting calls for æternity (blockchain) wallet providers. The current wallet providers are: Base æpp, Wællet, AirGap, Arkane Network. The calls happen every 2 weeks and we have had 2 so far.

The next call, which will most likely take place 2 weeks from now, will be open to anyone who wants to join. I will post in this forum category the date and time for the next call!

Below is a summary of the last call.

The purpose of these calls is to align the wallet providers.

Participants in the call: Base aepp team, Milen (Mr. Robot), Naz.

Wallet providers might benefit from shared/reusable functionality (ex. tipping). When this functionality is relevant for SDK inclusion it will be included in the relevant SDKs (unused functionality is removed from the SDK at runtime). When this functionality is not relevant for SDK inclusion it will be included as package (NPM) modules.

We need to determine the process for implementing shared functionality. Suggestion:

  1. Discuss at wallet call
  2. Post on forum for feedback
  3. Implement…

In addition to reusable functionality, wallet providers may benefit from shared services (ex. phishing list tool). We need to figure out a way of determining which ones of these tools æternity would like to support the development of.



Hey @stoyan_ae, is this call approaching?

Please share details so we can promote the call and more people could join :slight_smile: