War on Plastics

Our Ocens and eco systems are fundamental to our very existence and as we continue to consume more and more single use plastic without the thought of how to safely dispose and recycle them, we are damaging our planet to the point where if nothing is done now then we may find ourselves, humans, coming under threat from death and destruction of our way of life and existence.

We are looking to adopt the use of Blockchain to help in delivering our goal for the UK’s first not for profit plastics recycling facility. This would include the use of the technology for improved supply chain efficiencies, development of a plastics exchange and charitable venture funding.

Any surplus funds from the processing and sale of recycled plastics will be used to fund other environmental causes. This would include permeant beach cleaning groups, animal sanctuaries where those animals injured by plastic waste can be rescued and nurtured back yo health.

Please support our cause and let us repair the damage we have inflicted on our planet, our world, our home.

Please visit www.waronplastics.co.uk for more information


Sounds like a great cause! How does the blockchain fit in your solution?

Also your forum post says UK’s facility, while on your page it promises it would be US instead. I guess a typo. Your post is here: