Ways to learn programming on Aeternity from scratch?


I have only minimal programming experience but would like to someday develop on Aeternity.
Is the “Ivan on Tech” course a good place to start? Here is a link to the description


Hey @Drugzbymail,

Thank you for this questions, our developers will get back to you.

The AE Team


Any site that uses page builders like Clickfunnels or the dreaded Optimizepress should, in my opinion, be considered bogus.

The fact that the guy is offering a (he says) $ 13,000 course for the price of $199 (GET IT NOW!!) is a further huge red flag.

I’d say the only one profiting of someone taking that course is Ivan himself.


Hey @Drugzbymail,

Hans from our dev team would advise you to start by learning some functional programming, as well as some more smart contract specific stuff. Any introductory programming course from university should be good - maybe some Haskell or ML?!