We all want AE to develop better and faster, I have a few ideas


1、I was wondering if you could build aeternity forum on aeternity Blockchain, like Steem, a block-chain forum with AE token as an incentive,of course after ae mainnet work out.
2、The forum should be expanded to include people outside the aeternity.
3、I want to ask if Aepp is built in the state channel. For AE to develop better, I think we should learn from the innovation of the dash, such as the Reward Bill, in the white paper only POW will have the reward, that is, only the miners can get AE token, but to expand the AE ecosystem, do you have any other better idea?


Hey @wengweng,

Thank you for your suggestions and questions,
they have been forwarded to our dev team.

We’ll keep you posted.

The AE Team



Here is the reply from the dev team:

  1. We could build it, but there are no plans to do it (so far)
  2. The forum is already open to anyone, including non-aeternity people
  3. The aepps can use state channels - it is up to the aepp developer; right now only miners are getting the reward, but new ideas are always welcome.


i have receive the email, it is very happy to have the answer。
I think we should collect the ideas about ecosystem from ae community,and then discuss,stormthinking,complete。we want ae blockchain can make different