We should apply for listing AE on more famous exchange platform

Don’t confuse Ethereum with the EVM. Even with Ethereum’s current gas problem people are still writing most crypto contracts to run on the EVM.

It’s why I would love to see more focus on Aetenrity’s ability to work with EVM code and even add additional features.

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Yes, I agree with this idea. But how to let more people know about ae and have the motivation to continue to develop it? We saw that some projects on ae did not use ae ico. They choose Ethereum or even Binance. The ecology of blockchain projects should be a perfect closed loop that includes market value. The marketing department should take action and do its best for ae’s ecological closed-loop.


Hi @xixueskythank you for your suggestion. Agree, and we are on the close-communication with those projects you mentioned, so we are quite good informed about their reasons and plans. Said that, dev team is working on something big (besides Hyperchains, top priority!) :slight_smile: #staytuned

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Can you tell me what the big deal is?

And help developers and enthusiasts to learn Secure functional language for smart contracts (Erlang based Sophia) :slight_smile:
Agree with

I think we should pay attention to the market and do more marketing

please, feel free to propose activities, and also write your story and share around, people love to hear user story and what each community member value - than they will be much more positive about trying / using / building æternity tech with all of us. Support from community is clausal.


Well, patience needed but hopefully members will see huge positive changes (marketing!) quite soon. We listen to the æcommunity, and we know that you want more marketing and good stories, and we are in the process of finalising and launching positive changes soon.

Moreover, currently focus is on the Hyperchains and the fourth network update

But, let’s not forget the main topic of this thread - and, please, @haha @xixuesky @Winfield and other members, tell us your thoughts about applying you have on mind

Thanks @Winfield

Where are you from?

Geographically? Europe

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Well, I thought you were Chinese

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No, but working with our community from China closely! :slight_smile:

ae, this project, I participated in the investment since 4 years ago, and Mark are also good friends. We have witnessed some successful technical developments and shortcomings of the ae project. I will summarize the shortcomings I think and the possible ways to improve them.

The current bottleneck of the AE project is only one problem, that is, the traffic is too low and the technology has not been recognized by the market.

My point of view: AE has been under construction for 4 years. The AE project itself is still a start-up project and has not achieved actual success. The reason is that the market value is low and the number of participants in the ecological closed loop is relatively small.

How to improve the ecological closed loop? In the blockchain industry, there are two conventional methods. 1 The start-up team spends a lot of effort on promotion. 2. Rely on a strong community for promotion.

Promotion methods, including what others have said above, technical evangelism, and promotion in Ethereum or other developer communities. You can imitate AA, the early evangelist of Bitcoin, and update the video on youtou. AA preached that Bitcoin is a key to success. He has a lot of fans, and he often holds various offline conferences. We found that AE’s marketing department did very little on this point and basically relied on the community. The current AE developer community is very weak compared to other projects. Even when mark is in charge of the Chinese community, the AE community has not been exposed to the Chinese blockchain industry. People at the top of the pyramid. What I want to say is that we need to find a way to reach the blockchain industry. The people at the top of the pyramid are very important because they have a head effect and can really bring about change.

Whether it is a listing on Coinbase or contact with top figures in the blockchain industry, this can only be led by the team, assisted by the community, and the team’s marketing department. You need to spend more effort and even money here. As far as I know, there are some characters in the AE team who have such a relationship, which the community does not have.

From my personal 7 years of experience in the blockchain industry, when AE reaches a market value of 20 billion US dollars, the ecological closed loop is basically completed at this time, and team marketing becomes less important. Decentralization can be completed and handed over to the community. leading.


Yanny can see it, can she understand it

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According to the AEVM you can have Sophia talk directly to EVM code.

I feel like this kind of stuff isn’t really well known by anyone.

I’m not trying to go off topic, i just understand the costs of getting on some exchanges and would like to see that kind of money investment go into making developers happy.


@erik.chain @hadees.chain My thought on this is, if we want to pull developers we need to pull them with better development tools which Ethereum / solidity already has. Now developing same for sophia is quite a task and time taking. Probably we can do this smartly. Like if we can build some sort of Language processing tools which can convert solidity code into sophia, that would be great. You can quickly onboard solidity developers on AE network.

I have noticed Lexon is trying to do somthing similar but not sure if their intention is same.


ETH is dying, devs and projects are jumping ship to other smart chains, great chance for ae to capitalise


The problem is not to advertise and pull.


@inowhaveaename.chain according to what statistics?

From every stat i’ve seen its the opposite. Ethereum is still the largest dev community by far.

Ethereum isn’t going away, just like Bitcoin isn’t. We need to work with it not beat it.