We should apply for listing AE on more famous exchange platform

Hi teams and communities!
Most public blockchain has its own token like aeternity, the token is the part of the aeternity network, and more people exchanging AE means that more people have interest in aeternity project. Meanwhile, if more people transact on the aeternity blockchain, it can verify the network processing capability, so it is important to increase token liquidity. I think in the public blockchain domain, listing AE on more famous exchange platform like coinbase, bittrex, etc is a good way to advertise aeternity project, this can also attract more developers to develop dapps.
I tried to apply for listing AE on coinbase by coinbase assethub, but it seems need team information, so could any member of team do that? if this need community help, we will try our best!

Thanks everyone!


I completely agree with all this. I have one major concern though, and that is the status of mining. Currently we are still in the situation where one pool (2miners) have more than 90 % of the hashrate. This is of course very bad, and I am assuming it would reduce the chances of getting listed on any major exchanges.


I was not even aware of that :thinking: Do you maybe know if there is any future plan to address that anomaly? :thinking:

@lydia @vacuumtraveler.chain @aeternity-team Hi, could you give some suggest?

We just came across yesterday to the Coinbase asset hub program …and for sure we will dedicate resources to materialize this opportunity… thænks a lot for your post though!!


@aelex Thanks very much! Please tell us if there is any progress, and please reply to us if this need some help from community.
Thanks team’s effort again!


@aelex Hi! Is there any progress? Thanks!


Hi !!! all the ton of information required in the form reviewed, and starting to compile info/docs , it is amazing how many info do they ask for… I guess they are the mighty Coinbase… :))))


I think it’s reasonable, all the information can help coinbase assess the value of aeternity roundly.

did coinbase asked for listing fee?


Get ae on zeroswap, cross chain dex coming soon


I mean the exchanges are great but what we really need are more developers.

You want AE to explode? Let’s get a killer app on it.

I’ve been thinking about this, as a developer my self. I think there is an opportunity to do something stuff with the Ethereum block chain that could be cool. Since AE has more functions and ETH is more expensive. Like you keep the really important log on ETH and then the rest of the code on AE.


You mean to build a bridge between smart contracts on ETH and on AE to have most of the activity on the AE smart contract in order to save gas fees ?


Yeah, which i guess hyperchains could do right?


But to do that, there is optimism with cross-chain communications (on-chain of course) and batch submitters, If we use AE as the the state channel then how exactly we can lock(deposit) unlock(withdraw) funds on both chains?

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I think to start with you wouldn’t want to send money at all. This is just a way to run complex computations.

You can do other tricks that would allow you to send money but thats a lot more work. Just watching for something to happen and running a new transaction would be pretty easy.

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Sending money was just an example of cross-chain communication. What I am trying to ask is, Let’s say if some transaction happened on the ETH chain, How you watch that on AE Chain or vice versa. We might think of an Off-chain node, Getting transactions from the ETH chain and pushing relative things on the AE chain (whose transaction relates to) or vice versa. What is the basis of that node’s trust?


I would run the nodes myself but as for why you can trust me to not lie is you can check both chains yourself.

The data is out there. I mean it might be a pain to dig it all up but you can check on both explorers.

I guess having an easier way for someone to trust you might be nice. Including something like a block header from the other chain makes a lot of sense.

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We can run some sort of fraud proof nodes but again it is very hard to trust on any nested way without adding any complex cryptographic functionality (verification) before pushing data on any chain.


@genievot have you looked at hyperchains i think this might be how you could do it. I’m just not sure if they allow communication or just verification. However you would still know whoever is running one of these has both chains.