Week #19 - Product Coordinators Weekly Development Update


This weeks development update includes news to

  • protocol
  • voting aepp
  • JS, Python, Go and Elixir SDK
  • AirGap aepp
  • Base aepp
  • Middleware
  • AEX-pensions (AEX-2, AEX-3, AEX-4)
  • Documentation Hub
  • Dev-Suite ForgAE, Goggles, Contracts,
  • Playground IDE

and more. Here is a recording of the Live-Stream:

Some community developers (not all) use a unified time tracking. These are this weeks 4-days-bird-eye-view on it (and excluding Friday).

I will collect links to all different topics here if you want to dig deeper in some of the areas. Next public call is upcoming Friday 12pm.

Product Coordinators Weekly Calls on Friday