Week #19 - Product Coordinators Weekly Development Update

This weeks development update includes news to

  • protocol
  • voting aepp
  • JS, Python, Go and Elixir SDK
  • AirGap aepp
  • Base aepp
  • Middleware
  • AEX-pensions (AEX-2, AEX-3, AEX-4)
  • Documentation Hub
  • Dev-Suite ForgAE, Goggles, Contracts,
  • Playground IDE

and more. Here is a recording of the Live-Stream:

Some community developers (not all) use a unified time tracking. These are this weeks 4-days-bird-eye-view on it (and excluding Friday).

I will collect links to all different topics here if you want to dig deeper in some of the areas. Next public call is upcoming Friday 12pm.

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