Week #20 - Website Demo Prototype

Hello everyone,

This week we did prototype a demo that will maybe be integrated in the aeternity website. The goal of this was to spend as little time as possible to come up with a spend tx demo, so we can discuss the feedback on it and iterate on adjustments or additional show-cases.

Check it out at: http://aeternity.com/aepp-website-demo/
Repository: https://github.com/aeternity/aepp-website-demo


  • Buttons to use the sdk and testnet
  • Explanation to non-developers what is happening in the example
  • In depth code showcase and sandbox for developers to show ease of use
  • Automatic refunding using the faucet


  • Optimize demo experience
  • Iterative work to show-case features of aeternity

Let me know if you have any feedback or questions regarding this demo!

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at the moment it doesn’t seem to work due to a version missmatch:


can the receiver address be changed so that someone can use this page as a testnet faucet?

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thanks @marc0olo yes, testnet was updated with the next hardfork version, we will have to fix this.

You would be able to use this as testnet faucet in code, but I propose to use the faucet directly https://testnet.faucet.aepps.com/.