# Week #22 - Aeternity Protocol Development Update

Here is our regular post containing an update on activities of the protocol team for the last two weeks (weeks 21 and 22).

State Channels

  • We’ve disabled starting a Channels’ WebSocket for a Generalized Account participant (not supported yet). It is planned to be addressed in 3.1
  • We’ve done some fine tuning for Fortuna, including a bug regarding the loading of old persisted DB. This has forced us to release a maintenance release 3.0.1 that is currently the first official release for Fortuna hard-fork.
  • The initial version of State Channel’s Elixir SDK is published: is to help building SC back-end services. At this point it allows opening and closing channels as well as creating off-chain contracts.
  • Wrapping up the handling of the solo closing sequence in the FSM and WebSocket API (is, however, still work in progress).
  • Wrapping up the support for Generalized Accounts in FSM. (also work in progress, but is expected to be complete this week and be the part of release 3.1.0).


Stratum team was focused on end-to-end integration testing. It resulted in stabilisation of connection handling of the mining libs and working dev version of payment contract. Also, we refined simulating various components and we can further improve testing.


We are currently working on optimising the mempool, however the mempool work hit unexpected problem around behaviour during forked chain handling. When the fork is related with network split or worse connectivity, the garbage collection of transactions that were not included in fork introduces unexpected behaviour or even attack vector. To be exact we look at oscillating main chain between two forks on two network islands.

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