Week #45 - æternity Developers and Researchers Update Call

This is the recording of the public æternity developers and researchers update call from this week. The call features product updates from:

Have a great weekend and greetings,

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Written updates:

Developer Workshops & Governance æpp by @philipp.chain:

  • I did make a fork of the contracts editor for workshop use, also to demonstrate possible great additions for fire-editor
  • We are working to update the governance app for Lima
  • We try to launch the governance aepp on mainnet Tuesday 12.nov
  • We will update documentation for the governance aepp to make it as easy as possible for anyone to verify the results as well as run their own instance
  • We are updating graffiti app for Lima and make a landing page to explain the process

Base Wallet æpp by @stoyan.chain:

  • We released the aens functionality in pwa and android (v0.16.0). Its being reviewed in iOS as we speak and is also available to beta testers there.
  • We also made a release in PwA (v0.17.0) which re-enables send to name and fixes some bugs related to the aens. I will be releasing it on the native platforms next.
  • We are working on more issues related to the AENS and will most likely make another patch release in PWA today. This release fixes a bug where names longer than 12 char are dropped after 24 hours.
  • We have passed signing smart contracts with ledger to @philipp.chain for review. We are also getting deep linking for review.

Fire Editor by @nikitafuchs.chain:

  • Merging the AEX2 specs conflict betweek SDK and base aepp team
  • Adjusting the fire editor to the requirements of hackathons of @MrRobot and @Philipp , (saving the state of the editor, separate wallets for every user, tab support, WIP)
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Thank you for summarizing and sharing the update here in the forum.