Week #47 - æternity Developers and Researchers Update

This is the recording of the public æternity developers and researchers update call from last week. The call features product updates from:


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Written updates:

AEX-9 Standard & Governance æpp by @piwo:

  • @r0b0t0 and me made great progress on the AEX-9 Standard for fungible tokens, he can probably talk about it
  • @r0b0t0 and me did implement a simple token sale example application, to showcase AEX-9 usage
  • I started work on documentation for the Governance Aepp, e.g. how to verify results: https://github.com/aeternity/aepp-governance/blob/master/docs/how-to-verify-results.md
  • Keno works on creating a landing page for the Governance Aepp, the goal is to introduce new users to the working of the Aepp, in future it can also explain the Governance Process for the LI Foundation.

AEX-9 Standard and Waellet by @r0b0t0:

As Piwo mentioned we worked on AEX-9 standard and moved it towards Review , which hopefully means in ~2weeks we can have a finalized standard.

  • we developed a simple token sale which can be checked in the Base æpp

Waellet side:

  • we’ve started working on implementing the updated standard for fungible tokens
  • worked on a new token registry contract for FATE
  • minor bug fixes (UI)
  • Slightly changed token migration view
  • Started more detailed documentation

Core Protocol Development by @skkw:

  • AENS update function for Sophia merged
  • GC stabilization (bug hunt, really)

Core Protocol Development by @juraj.hlista:

  • found an issue with peers pool (we keep info about too many peers, especially about those that are not online - connecting to them timeout and slows sync)
  • continued working on block/tx validations which should be ready for review the next week