What are you favorite crypto podcasts?


Hey AE community :slight_smile:

We at the æternity team really like podcasts because, you know, multitaskers that we are, we love having something interesting, useful, funny to listen to while working :slight_smile:

As you know, æternity Ventures’ @Luka is the co-host of the Blockchain From The Block podcast that you can find here:

Whereas other team members have appeared as guests at many other podcasts:

Yani talked to The Crypto Lark:

Vlad discussed GDPR with the Tech Blog Writer:

And Nikola was a guest at the Talking Cryptocurrency Podcast:

So, now we ask you to share your favorite crypto podcasts! Where are you getting your daily/weekly crypto updates from?

Looking forward to your responses!
Albena :giraffe:


My top 3


I have a non-crypto-one if thats ok :smiley:



Thank you @Luka, luckily those are available on Spotify as well!


Cool, thanks @marion, I’ll check it out!


Epicenter is my favorite by far!


Talking about non-crypto-at-all podcasts, I like Debbie Millman’s Design Matters:



Did you hear that our friends from LimeChain have launched their own blockchain podcast?

Find below the first episode of Blockchain Meditations - it’s super interesting :slight_smile:

Happy listening!
Albena :raccoon:


Time ago I was really enjoying the [let’s talk bitcoin] (https://letstalkbitcoin.com/) podcast.
I haven’t listened to it in recent months, and I have no idea if Andreas is still rocking the talk, however, I can say, old episodes were very interesting.


Hello again everyone :slight_smile:

@ellie from æternity Ventures contributes to the discussion with the Top 8 of Blockchain Podcasts that we should follow :slight_smile:

And of course, the list features our all-time favorite podcast - Blockchain From The Block :wink:

Enjoy and share your opinion!