What is Superhero?

@albena.chain It looks like something worth looking forward to will happen here. Do you have more information about Superhero? What is the difference between it with corona wallet? Thank you!

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Hey @Albert,

Find more information about SuperHero here:

Sign up for the waiting list and you’ll be the first to get more details when available :wink:


Due to the network environment, I can’t access it. Can you copy the content here?

Sure, here it is:

Be a Superhero. Send help where it’s needed.

Throughout Internet history, content monetization has been restricted by the rules and prejudices of a select few: Internet giants who dictate which content can receive monetary rewards on their platform — with users being banned, funds frozen on subjective grounds.

The end of this era is here.

Superhero is giving the people back their freedom to transact.
Monetize content without third-party intervention — no censorship, no commissions, unhindered, fully P2P transactions at near-zero fees.

Support your favorite charitable causes, fundraisers, quality content, musicians, artists, influencers — anything on the Internet. Within a few clicks, content can be monetized so long as the website is live.

Send help where it’s needed. Be one of the first to take part in the free web.

Sign up for the waiting list here:



Is this based on the AE platform?

@xupei Yes, it is based on AE.

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@albena.chain It sounds great.But I still have a question. If there are two or more addresses on a page, what happens when I use Superhero to pay a tip? Where will the tip be sent?

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Is the test version ready for testing?

Hey @xupei See above :point_up_2:


Hey @Albert

If there are multiple addresses, right now the first to claim the tip will get it.
However, that may change in the future.


@albena.chain Ok, thanks for reply.

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Hello @albena.chain - had a question! :slight_smile:

Since people can send Superhero tips to any address (those without wallets installed being discussed here) - what is preventing a third party from seeing the transfer and then ‘pretending’ to be the address and creating a wallet to intercept those funds?

Not sure if I missed it discussed somewhere.

Thanks, and looks rad!

Hey @swift and thank you for your interest in Superhero.

Well, the idea is that you are sending funds to the owner of a web page. Only the person who has their AE address integrated in the page’s code can claim the tip. No third party should have access to it in general.


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@yani.chain @albena.chain @emin.chain @Albert Superhero is a great product and there is a great demand in the real world. This is likely to be the first best-selling aepp on the aeternity blockchain. I have been invited by superhero to participate in the trial. Overall, this is a very creative idea. Looking forward to adding more features. In addition, I hope developers put the apk file package on github, which is very helpful for some people who cannot use the google play store.


Thank you @albena.chain - I guess I misunderstood - thought that you could send AE through Superhero even if the person doesn’t have the wallet yet - so therefore the page’s owner can’t add it to the page’s code… that’s the use-case I was curious about.

Thank you!

Hey @swift, it’s true - you can send funds even if the receiver does not have a wallet yet, but they can edit the page afterward and add their wallet to the code.
Maybe @milenradkov.chain can give more details here.

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@albena.chain I used Superhero to send a few tips to my website, but after hours passed, I still didn’t receive the tip.

The ContractCallTx :

May be helpful to you.

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