What is the best (and safest) way to store AE tokens?

Recently I have had some trouble with the AirGap wallet. The last weeks it has had trouble loading transaction history, and today it no longer displays the token value (only the amount) and most importantly it often fails to send tokens anywhere, with the “500 error code”.

So what is the best and safest wallet to use for AE tokens (that hopefully won’t abruptly stop support like a lot of exchanges have done lately)?


I have the exact same problem with AirGap Wallet.

Maybe devs could get in touch with them and somehow help them solve the issue they obviously have? :thinking:

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@pascuin Could you please shed some light on the current situation with AirGap?

Hi there.

AirGap uses the aeternity infrastructure to get balances, transaction history and broadcast transactions. In the last couple of weeks, that infrastructure has repeatedly experienced issues. I assume the https://mainnet.aeternal.io/ is behind a load balancer, because sometimes it works, sometimes there is a timeout and sometimes I even get certificate issues. I have reported this in the telegram about a month ago and was told that it is being worked on.

We can’t really do anything about this from our side. We will reach out to the Aeternity team again to get this fixed ASAP. As soon as the issues are resolved, it will immediately work again in AirGap.

In the meantime, try restarting the app (to refresh your balance), or try to repeatedly send a transaction until it works.

An example URL where you can see the behaviour in the browser (refresh it a couple of times to see the different responses): https://mainnet.aeternal.io/v2/accounts/ak_dArxCkAsk1mZB1L9CX3cdz1GDN4hN84L3Q8dMLHN4v8cU85TF


@andreas hank you for response and for clarifying the matter.

However it is somewhat worrying that you reported the problem on a Telegram a month ago and it stil had not been fixed :thinking:

Following. I am having same issue with AirGap. Additionally I have btc in the wallet (which loads fine btw), but will not let me do an exchange? Is there a minimum amount of BTC needed to do an exchange in AirGap?

But it is concerning that I cannot access my AE … every once in a while I’ll get a glimpse of my balance. Let me know what you all find out please. And any recommendations on where I can move those coins to (another wallet or even an exchange) please let me know.

My understanding is that there is some slow response from middleware that is causing this BUT that shouldn’t stop you from accessing your funds unless you don’t have your private key. If so you could try other wallet like superhero to check your funds and transfer it if needed.

Middleware is in process to be updated but I don’t have an ETA, may be @karol.chain can provide us some intel here.


Well it could indeed be nice to get some ETA. As @James and others said before, in the last days in AirGap, balance does not load and it is also impossible (at lest for me) to send the tokens out from wallet. Wallet not working properly is not just some minor issue, especially if the problem persists for many days.


Hi, Airgap talks to the legacy middleware, which is at the end of life currently.

We will replace the endpoint Airgap needs with a new middleware, which has these issues sorted out in couple weeks.

There’s no need to worry about the funds, the are not lost, although I understand it’s not great when you can’t move them momentarily.

We are working on this as everybody is affected.


I had the same problem with transferring, but it worked eventually, after multiple attempts. When I got the 500 or 503 error (can’t remember) it was AirGap wallet failing to prompt/open the Vault.

We have prioritized these issues and will start working on it in a day or two!


Also, outside mobile, the best solution is to use https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aeternity.base&hl=en_US&gl=US

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It is great to hear that :+1:

Thanks @karol.chain!

@karol.chain can you give us a little update on the AirGap wallet matter? You said that you will replace the middleware in couple weeks, but don’t you think that it’s kind of long period of time to fix such important matter as non working wallet?

Is process of replacing middleware so complex that it needs so much time to do it? :thinking: (I am asking because I really do not have a clue about how complex process it is, but few weeks seems like a lot of time :thinking: )

Hi, the new middleware is ready for this change, we are waiting for the fixes on the frontend side at the moment…
It’s prioritized and the development is already happening.
I’ll post an update tomorrow with a better estimate when it could be ready.

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Hi any update on this? I still cannot load my AE holdings in AirGap. Also does anyone have an answer to my question above, if there is a minimum amount of BTC needed in same wallet for swapping purposes?

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Hi James, we have internal date set for this Thursday/Friday to roll it up.


Just making sure this is still being resolved. I still am not seeing an AE balance in my AirGap wallet. Thanks

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There may be some confusion as it seems that AirGap can’t receive the USD price of AE token and as a result isn’t able to show the USD amount of your AE tokens.
(Also, the chart showing the AE token price is not showing due to the same issue.)
I can see just $0.00 in my wallet as well.

However, below that, next to the icon of your account, you should see the balance of your account in AE.
We have fixed fetching of the transaction history, so that should work as well.
You should be able to move funds from/to the wallet.

This coming week we will get in touch with AirGap so that they update their token price source (and charts).