What we are missing and what we can do better?

Why we are failing in terms of market price/value?

Attitude that we don’t care about the money has consequences. Money will stop care about us. There will be less dollar funding for cool projects in Ae ventures. Dollar cost to attack the network will be lower, so as security.

I am not going to say I have got the answer. I just know that it is not technical part. Certainly not ease of integration (from Dacade.org course taker perspective). But I have got some ideas:

1.) Ask Emin Gun Sirer, IC3 members what we can do better. They have got the media attention.

2.) Ask Bittrex ( House of Blockchain member right) what can we do better. They have got the media attention.

3.) Finish the new website. It was first mentioned year ago. Put aeternity’s partners in there.

4.) Do not put increasing inflation curve option in voting. Just A.) should it stayed as it is B.) it should go down by x percent.

5.) Initiate Avalanche integration. We are in the epicenter of it in IC3. Guys will certainly help us, as with Bitcoin- NG.

6.) Partners up with data providers for oracles data. DSTOQ wanted to use aeternity’s oracles. Don’t know if the project terminates. But if we don’t have any data, nobody can use it. Boerse Stuttgart is in same token alliance as we are, right?

7.) Start to think about synergies, crypto merger. Common IC3, or Avalanche coin.

8.) Focus also on new trading pairs with USD, USDT and EUR, CHF on more exchanges with real volume (Kraken, Coinbase, Bittrex).

9.) We are friends with Bitwalla. Possible credit card integration or other partnership.

10.) Common project with Liechtenstein government.

To finish this up with something positive: Mining power distribution is getting better every day. Hope this trend will continue :slightly_smiling_face:

Any ideas are highly appreciated.


Martin Stefko

Long term supporter


Thank you so much for all these suggestions @Martin :slight_smile:

Definitely, a lot to think about, discuss and strategize! I’ll make sure everybody in the team see this and will let you know the outcome.