What's the next of Aeternity?

Long time no see.
I visit the forum after a long time. How are you guys?
I wonder and want to discuss the future of Aeternity.

  1. What is plan of coming year in 2020?
    There is no load map too see easily. When does open a new roadmap?
    Pivotal Tracker is too difficult to see general user.
    After mainnet and 3 times hardfork, there is no event in the future.

  2. How can I see the team’s members?
    After the homepage had been renewal, I don’t see it.

  3. Why does not consider promotional effects on the market and not gather more AE user?

  • When does start aepp’s Airdrop? The effect of expanding the ecosystem with the Start Fleet is good. But that’s all. There is no reason for users to buy and use AE and no reason to HOLD it.
  • New listing on exchange?
  • Something else?
    Aeternity has a chance to go better USER ADOPTION & ECOSYSTEM.
    Unfortunately, because blockchain is connected to money, there needs to be something valuable or expected to increase the number of users and can survive among many blockchain.

Thank you!!!


Hey @AE_Holic, glad to see you again here.

A lot is going on in the ecosystem and I am not able to describe it in just a few words. To answer your questions:

  1. 2020 is going to be the year of aepps and the latest news can be found here, in the Forum. The development progress is no longer tracked in Pivotal Tracker but on GitHub.

  2. The official website is under construction, you’ll be able to see all team members there soon.

  3. New promotional campaigns are considered and everyone from the community is welcome to propose a Community-building campaign - see how to do it below:

  • the airdrop is forthcoming, we’ll keep you updated about it.
  • AE is getting listed on new exchanges all the time. One of the latest ones was Changelly and you can now swap AE for ETH and BTC on JellySwap.
  • The ecosystem is growing consistently, stay tuned for news and updates.



The covid-19 adds more uncertainty.

Absolutely, everything is changing in this situation. Fortunately, the AE development community is used to working remotely.

These are very typical questions that could not be understated.Although PoS was implemented for governance, but it seems that the community cant not do any resolution.

Right. AE is forgotten by users and its value is disappearing. Governance is becoming meaningless, and the hash rate converges to zero.

Development is also important, but the problem is that the value of the AE blockchain is disappearing. Many users have left. Is the team aware of this?

its their mistake if they leave. it will hurt them soon for jumping the rocket! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

fortunately there are many active community members working on more and more community projects. many of them have updates frequently in this forum or on their websites. best is if you become more active yourself, then you will see better whats going on.

superhero.com is also launching in the next days where governance will be integrated so that more users can use it more easily. also the airdrop (smartdrop) will be (partially) dropped into the superhero wallet for verified individuals in the following weeks/few months.

re teammembers: you can see the developers on github and people of each of the projects are often on the project-website itself.