Whats the state of AEX?


I think we should get more focus on the AEX section again. For example I miss an overview about the AEX proposals and their states. Although it is possible to follow that on GitHub it is still confusing from my perspective.

E.g. I thought that AEX-2 is established because it seems this was implemented in different components. But the status on GitHub seems to be withdrawn.

Can someone clarify at least about the state of AEX-2?

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The issue with AEX-2 was that that the different parties involved in implementations could not manage to come to consensus and the original authors of the AEX-2 did not want to champion the proposal anymore.

thanks for that quick answer. so currently we don’t have a consensus here but the base aepp and waellet support AEX-2, right?

for ænalytics it would be great to have a standard for this. this is why I am asking. would you recommend us to stick to AEX-2 anyway as some wallets have implemented it?

for all others I just saw the AEXpension filter available to filter the issues by state:

it might be a bit inconvenient to have to look for closed issues after clicking on the filter Stage finalized

  • this link should be changed to “closed”

also it seems like the status in the list in the README isn’t up to date:

I will create a pull request for the README in the next hours/days if this isn’t changed in the meantime


@ssh I now created a PR which hopefully reflects the current state of all AEXs:

I am wondering about AEX-9. isn’t this final yet? can you also elaborate about the state of the native tokens? I think a common token standard will become more and more relevant in the near future.

somehow I got also confused about the number of an AEX. I thought this always reflects the number of the issue it belongs to (like it was done for AEX-130).

I hope we can generally get more traction on the AEXs.

I must say that I am a bit disappointed that we have several AEXs regarding third-party wallets, inter-wallet communication and wallet deeplinking which have all been withdrawn.

Most (maybe all?) of the withdrawn AEXs related to the wallets are in that state because the teams working on wallets at the time weren’t able to come to consensus. It was also decided that work on those standards was no longer funded and thus nobody picked up the slack.

I agree with you that this is disappointing. And thanks for the PR!

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